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Last updated 15.05.2007

Please help me doing a geneological survey on my family and relatives. Especially I'm interested in information about relatives in the USA.

Please fill in the form and I will put the pieces togheter. If you have information about your family that you want to share, please drop me an e-mail. You can use the address

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Short historic information

Samuel Samuelson Kleppe (b 1853) - startingpoint for the survey

Samuel Samuelson Kleppe was born in Kleppe on 24 May 1853. (or 1856?) He died in Strandvik on 2 Jul 1933. He was the son of Samuel Mikkelsen  Kleppe and of Marta Larsdotir Storekleppe. He was married in 1874 to Herborg Hansdatter Kleppe b. 1851-1936. They got nine children together. In 1884 they settled down at the farm Legland in Strandvik. Samuel later changed the name to Leigland.

He was occupied as a Byggmester . There is a source citation documenting this person or their name. His name was recorded as Samel Samuelson Legland . He was buried in Strandvik on 8 Jul 1933.

Children of Samuel Samuelson Kleppe and Herborg Hansdatter Kleppe:

1. Anna Samuelsdatter Legland , Birth: Kleppe, Balderheim (Legland)?, 20 Feb 1877, Death: Legland, Strandvik, 27 Oct 1955
2. Mikal Leigland
, Birth: Kleppe, 19 Mar 1879, Death: Legland, 25 Oct 1945

3. Henning Johan Leigland
, Birth: Kleppe, Baldersheim, 1881, Death: USA, 1956
His name was recorded as Henning Johan Lęgland . Henning Johan Leigland emigrated from Norway 22th Mar 1902.

4. Engel Martin Leigland , Birth: Kleppe, Baldersheim, 1883, Death: 1958
5. Inga Andrea Lęgland
, Birth: Kleppe, Baldersheim, 1 Oct 1884
6. Samuel Olai Kleppe
, Birth: 1886, Death: 1897
7. Marta Magdele Lęgland
, Birth: 1888, Death: 1940

8. Hans Ingemann Leigland
, Birth: Bergen, Hordaland, Norway, 12 Jan 1891, Death: Great Falls, Montana, USA, 7 Oct 1935. His name was recorded as Hans Ingemann Lęgland . Hans Ingemann Leigland emigrated from Norway 29th Mar 1913.

9. Herborg Kristine Lęgland , Birth: Leigland, 7 Feb 1891, Death: 11 Dec 1929

 Thank you for your help!  Regards from Terje:-) ... or "Terry"